Product Warranty

Brick Clad and GRP Chimneys

  1. The product should be stored prior to fitting in such a way as to ensure no physical damage occurs.
  2. The Chimney fitting instructions are adhered to correctly i.e Consideration should be given to the weight of the stack and loadings checked with the truss manufacturer before installation.
  3. The position of the fixings relative to the trusses should be checked and where appropriate noggins positioned.
  4. No holes other than the approved / appropriate fixings should be made anywhere in the Chimney. No Aerials or Satellite dishes are to be fixed to the Chimney in any circumstances.

The limit of the guarantee is that of the original purchase price of the Chimney an no claim for consequential loss can be accepted.

The company is to be provided with suitable access to repair or replace the product at no cost to Apex Building Products Ltd.  

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