Flint Blocks

Quicker installation in all weathers.

A flint wall on a house.

We stock a range of high quality blocks to meet the growing demand for natural products.

Our handcrafted knapped walling flint blocks are perfect for traditional style houses and can be matched to blend with existing surroundings.

These fully formed blocks can be used without a need for a backing wall, ensuring a rapid professional finish whilst maintaining a clean cavity.

Our blocks include a unique patented lightweight formula and can be installed in all weathers for a cost effective and quicker installation.

We stock popular styles including knapped Field Flint and Antique Field Flint.

Arriving unprepared in it’s raw natural state, our flint and stone gets mechanically cut down and dressed by a dedicated team of knappers. Experienced block-makers then handcrafted them into block form.

The flint process.