GRP Canopies

A seamless, time efficient construction.

GRP canopies over a door.

Manufactured using Glass Reinforced Plastic, our door canopies offer an easy installation and minimal maintenance alternative.

We already have a varied range of canopy designs to choose from, but with dedicated mould making facilities, we're able to quickly and easily produce bespoke designs no matter the size or style.

Perfect for redevelopments, regeneration works, planned maintenance projects or complete new builds. Our GRP canopies are lightweight to create a truly seamless and time efficient construction.

The weather resistant and colourfast properties of our canopies makes them a durable solution for any home and with no painting or maintenance required, you can say goodbye to costly maintenance programmes.

Delivered to you as complete units ensures quick fixing and keeps project costs low.

Our Glass Reinforced Plastic products are a matrix of woven glassfibre sheets layered and set within resin. Our CAD designers are also on hand to create bespoke moulds for any specification.

The GRP process.